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What are the estimated HOA dues per lot? 

The HOA dues are anticipated to be between about $500 based on the preliminary HOA budget. 


Are the streets located in Canterbury Park private?

Yes, Canterbury Park subdivision is a Planned Unit Development where the HOA is responsible for maintaining all infrastructure improvements, including the streets which will be paved with industrial grade concrete with decorative paver aprons throughout. 

Does the City of Mobile pick up trash for Canterbury Park?

No, the HOA is responsible for contracting with a private trash collection service which will collect trash from each residence.

Are homeowners responsible for their own lawn maintenance?

No, the HOA is responsible for contracting with a local lawn maintenance company that will handle weekly yard maintenance for the front and rear yards of all homes in the subdivision along with the Common Areas of Canterbury Park.

Will the gates remain open during the day?

Following completion of construction of the residences, the gates will remain closed at all times and each homeowner will have an access code for entry.


Is a house plan included with the purchase of a Lot?

Yes, the developer has engaged McCown Design to prepare a set of house plans for each lot in the subdivision. Each homeowner will receive a set of house plans completed through the Development Design Stage at Closing as part of the purchase of the Lot and will be responsible for finalizing such plans with McCown Design prior to construction.

Can I use my own set of house plans?

No, all homes must start with a set of house plans prepared by McCown Design designated for such lot. The purpose of the process is to make sure all homes located in Canterbury Park adhere to the original vision of the subdivision.

Can I choose my own homebuilder?

Yes, each Lot owner can choose their preferred homebuilder who is licensed in the State of Alabama provided that such homebuilder will be responsible for adhering to all Architectural Review Standards and the  oversight of McCown Design.

What improvements is a homeowner responsible for when constructing a home?

A homeowner is responsible for the cost and installation of the driveway and sidewalks in front of each Lot.

Who is responsible for the perimeter fencing?

The Developer has constructed the perimeter fence encompassing the subdivision. The owner of each Lot is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the sections of fence bordering such Owner’s Lot.

Who can use the excess parking?

Excess parking is available to all home owners on a first come, first serve basis for guests of homeowners and may not be used as long term parking.

Can I store my Boat, Trailers and RVs on my Lot?

Recreational vehicles and campers shall not be parked or stored on any Lot. Boats shall be parked in garages or basements or shall be stored out of sight from

all neighbors.

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